Issue Date:  January 2018
Next Review: January 2019


It is the policy of the Company that the employment and operation of labour shall be conducted within both the written requirements, and spirit, of all relevant employment legislation.

Responsibility for ensuring compliance with this policy rests with the Trant Engineering Ltd Board of Directors who will, through their individual and collective responsibility, ensure it is implemented and adhered to.

In meeting the general requirements of this policy all employees of the Company, but in particular managers and officers, have a responsibility to ensure the Company’s business is executed in a safe, efficient and economic manner.

Where necessary, the terms and conditions of employment of the Company’s operatives will if required be in accordance with those provided for within an appropriate substantive Agreement under which the Company was contracted to carry out its business. The integrity of those Agreements would be supported at all times.

To enable the Company to meet its main business objectives, sound practical procedures have been established, and will be maintained, particularly in relation to recruitment, discipline, grievances and dismissal. These procedures shall have full regard to the interests of natural justice through the proper exercise of an appeal procedure.

Management representatives will, so far as is reasonably practicable, strive to maintain good relationships with recognised Trade Unions and recognised officials of those Unions.

Gerry Somers Managing Director Signature