Overspill Prevention Control Panel, Ministry of Defence

Scope of works

The Design, Manufacture and certification of a flameproof enclosure for the installation within a Zone 1 Gas Group IIB hazardous area.

The following equipment was installed along with the panel each of the existing 4 nr bulk storage tanks were fitted with a Ex Rated level probe and the tanker connection point was fitted with a Ex Rated electrically controlled emergency shutoff valve suitable for the hazardous zone.

The activation of any of the 4 nr level probes would result in the closing of the emergency shutoff valve and the sounding of the remote and local beacon and sounder.

Ministry of Defense
Overspill Prevention Control Panel, Falkland Islands

Please contact Stuart Rice on +44 (0) 2380 665544 or stuart.r.rice@trant.co.uk

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