Cats and Rats Cold Store Facility, Falkland Islands

Scope of works

Enclosure Floor standing, front access Modis 25 cubicle distribution board of modular construction, complying with BSEN 60439-1.
Dimensions 2,170mm high x 1,000mm wide x 500mm deep
Busbars 1250A HDHC Copper
Cable Access/Entry Front Access Top/Bottom Entry
Incomer 400A TP&N Fuseswitch (links)
Outgoing 2 x 160A TP&N Fuseswitch (fused 160A)
1 x 100A TP&N Fuseswitch (fused 100A)
2 x 63A TP&N Fuseswitch (fused at 50A)
1 x 63A TP&N Fuseswitch (fused at 16A)

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