Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has redefined what we are now capable of delivering. From the design and collaboration tools used to the new standards adhered to, we are constantly evolving and finding new improved ways of delivering digital project information to our clients.

We recognised the advantages BIM can bring to any project and are now delivering the following benefits to our clients and design and construction partners:

  • Real world capture primarily consisting of laser scanning of existing assets to a very high degree of accuracy and also to verify accurately as-built information.
  • Greater collaboration via a single Common Data Environment (CDE) and federated 3D model viewing platforms allow all stakeholders to access all design documents including the 3D model at any stage of a project. Sharing models with all design partners reduces errors and the need for rework.
  • Within the CDE clash detection is utilised to avoid costly interface issues between the various project stakeholders.
  • Increased productivity via better workflows and customised software development. We are modelling quicker than ever with a raft of information present within the model. This one source of truth is then dynamically linked across the project documents, such as design deliverables, asset information, project programmes and cost data bases.
  • Reduction in checking between documents and re-work of designs avoiding costly delays during construction.

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