Issue Date: January 2020
Next Review: January 2021


We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment and that effective environmental management is critical to future business success.

As a consequence of this, senior management have established key targets for continual improvement in environmental practice and performance.

Furthermore we believe that, with commitment and co-operation, it is possible to conduct our operations in such a way as to minimise our impact on the environment.

To realise these policy objectives Directors and senior management are committed to:

  • Promoting a culture of environmental responsibility and awareness, through effectiveleadership, communication and training
  • The provision of adequate resources, including management representatives, to fulfil theCompany’s commitments
  • Implementing policy through an effective Environmental Management System that meets therequirements of BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complying with all relevant Environmental Legislation and where possible improving on theserequirements
  • Investigating all incidents to identify root causes and prevent recurrence
  • Conducting regular reviews to monitor performance, producing plans for improvement, andreporting against these plans
  • Considering, planning and implementing reasonably practicable control measures to minimiseidentifiable environmental impacts associated with the Company’s operations, includingpollution prevention, waste minimisation and fuel, energy and water efficiency.

This policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Trant Engineering Ltd and will be made available to other interested parties upon request.

As Managing Director I accept responsibility for this Environmental Policy and all Directors are responsible for ensuring its effective implementation in their respective areas of the business.

Gerry Somers Managing Director