Issue Date: January 2024
Next Review:  January 2025


The Company recognises that we are all unique, whether in terms of our background, personal characteristics, experience, skills or motivations, and the Company value its people for the differences they bring. These differences, this diversity is powerful.

The Company is committed to building a culture that values openness, fairness, and transparency with a workforce that is truly representative of communities in which it operates and where employees feel respected and able to achieve their potential. Fostering an inclusive culture helps everyone to benefit from a wider range of different perspectives, experiences, and skills. The Company believes that this creates a happier, more productive working environment for all.

This policy statement applies to anyone working for the Company. This includes employees, workers, contractors, and apprentices. The policy also relates to job applicants and is relevant to all stages of the employment relationship.

The Company believes that a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion not only benefits the company but supports wellbeing and enables people to work better because employees can be themselves and feel that they belong.

The Company is committed to promoting a working environment based on dignity, trust, and respect, and one that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation.

The Company ensures that our recruitment, promotion, and retention procedures do not treat people less favourably because of protected characteristics, educational, socio economic or caring responsibilities background.

The Company wishes to boost its culture by putting a concerted effort on equality, diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where individuals with completely different backgrounds and experiences feel safe and accepted in expressing their uniqueness while at work. Allowing employees to express their differences, learn from each other and feel safe while doing it creates a strong cultural bond that breeds employee happiness and productivity. Cultivating this culture does not happen by accident but requires ongoing commitment and nurturing. The Company expect you to treat your colleagues and third parties (including customers, suppliers, contractors, agency staff and consultants) fairly and with dignity, trust and respect.

Sometimes, this may mean allowing for different views and viewpoints and making space for others to contribute.

By embedding such values and constructively challenging inappropriate comments or ways of working, you can help us achieve and maintain a truly inclusive workplace culture.

The Company requires all workers to take personal responsibility for observing, upholding, promoting and applying this policy.

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G Somers

Managing Director